AlgoEye - Automate trade execution and risk management

Want to stand out from the trading crowd? AlgoEye is the solution you need to succeed. AlgoEye is all about you and your success as a trader in the market.

AlgoEye started out in 2012 as an extention to the Interactive Brokers trading platform. Over the recent year it has matured into a trading platform on its own with focus on ease of use, consistency and performance. It is built for brokers, exchanges, market makers, hedge funds, professional and advanced retail traders.

Hi, my name is Nick. I am the founder and principal developer of AlgoEye. My knowledge of trading and options comes from many years spent developing trading solutions for global investment banks and electronic market markers. Having started trading options as a hobby I noticed that the tools available to a retail trader are very limited. I started this project with the idea of delivering a professional options trading solution to retail traders.