Running IB Gateway on a VPS

25 Jun 2014

Running IB Gateway and your trading app on your home desktop or laptop may be convenient but not proof against disruptions in internet connectivity, power supply or hardware failures. Having IB Gateway run on an infrastructure of a reputable hosting company is much more reliable. This cannot be u...

Automated Trading - Experiment With Butterflies

07 Nov 2013

Simple Demo Strategy The following strategy is not a real one but something just to demonstrate how AlgoEye is used to automate trading and run backtests. The strategy is simple: If there's a strike at least 20 points away from underlying price where we can put a long butterfly then trade it. ...

A Word From The Founder

01 Jun 2013

AlgoEye started as a small project to automate options trading strategies. Using Interactive Brokers account I set up a server to collect tick market data for KOSPI 200 index options and started building simple scripts to process the data to find opportunities. Gradually the project became large ...