A Word From The Founder

01 Jun 2013

AlgoEye started as a small project to automate options trading strategies. Using Interactive Brokers account I set up a server to collect tick market data for KOSPI 200 index options and started building simple scripts to process the data to find opportunities. Gradually the project became large enough to be considered a product. It has a lot of features implemented in core modules. Some of them are not yet available via web interface so drop me an email if interested.

Along with the core features I built a web-interface for manual trading which uses the same OMS for managing option spreads. Feel free to play with it and please let me know if you came across any issues.

AlgoEye is on its way to become a professional grade system allowing a trader to develop complex multi-instrument strategies, capture and store tick level market data, back-test strategies against a realistic exchange simulator, specify risk limits for a strategy, fine tune option pricing and a lot more.

Please don't hesitate to contact me at nick@algoeye.com if you have any questions or suggestions. Thank you!

Nick Mospan, Founder / Director

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